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When To Book Your Wedding Hair & Makeup Trials

Wedding hair and makeup trials are a must for any bride to be - but when the heck do you book them?

If you schedule it too far in advance, it's common to overthink the results or start thinking of all of the other styles that are out there and you may start to second guess the look you'd decided on at your trial. If you schedule it too close to the wedding, you could end up feeling rushed or like you didn't have time to take in the results.

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Beautiful Bride

The best time to book your hair and makeup trial is when you are 2-4 months out from the wedding date. Two months before is the ideal time. We advise our brides: if the wedding is in the spring do the trial in the winter, if the wedding is in the summer, do your trial in the spring, fall brides should do their trials during the spring or summer (book early to avoid missing out. Summer availability is extremely limited for us) and winter brides should do their trials in the fall.

A question we get asked often about trials is: should I do my trial before engagement photos, a bridal shower or stagette? A couple of things factor into this that should be considered:

1. will you want the same hair and makeup for both sets of photos? 2. How far out from the wedding is this event occurring? 3. Do you want your bridal look to be a surprise to your fiancé, friends and family?

Engagement photos (and showers) are a very different vibe than bridal photos and tend to be a bit more casual than bridal photos. Bridal hair and makeup is very formal, done up and is made to last. Stagettes also have a different vibe than all of the above. It's a party so go all out - do the look you wouldn't normally do - smokey eyeshadow or red lips. Go nuts! Have fun with it.


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