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Bridal Boudoir Styled Shoot

A bride looking wistfully out the window in her flowing white robe.
Bride in flowing gown

bride looking radiant looking ahead
french bridal radiance

Excited to share my recent bridal boudoir styled shoot where I collaborated with Weech Photography and model Marram at the Haven Studio in downtown Edmonton. We captured elegance and intimacy in a vintage setting. Marram embodied a modern bride with grace. The Haven Studio in downtown Edmonton provided a sophisticated backdrop for our shoot. Through meticulous planning, we curated a series of images evoking romance and intimacy.

The Studio for our bridal boudoir styled shoot

The studio exudes charm with exposed brick walls, hardwood flooring, and floral decor, creating a welcoming atmosphere.

The Makeup

Inspired by French bridal makeup, the look combined classic elegance with a modern touch. The makeup focused on enhancing features with subtlety and grace, creating a captivating bridal boudoir aesthetic.

The lip look featured a dark brown lip liner paired with Dior Addict Lip Tint in Rosewood for a sophisticated touch.

The Hair

For her hair, an elegant updo was created using Marram's wavy hair, incorporating texture spray for a flawless look throughout the shoot.

hairstyle from the back
Textured Bridal Updo
bride facing window looking out
bridal hair

Check out the teaser photos from the bridal boudoir styled shoot below!

Hope this gives you some inspiration!


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