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You've asked your friends how they do their makeup, and you've watched hundreds of TikTok videos and YouTube makeup guru videos but... when you try to emulate what they do, it just doesn't look the same.  You're frustrated. You may have thought "What's the point in trying" and tossed that makeup you bought into a drawer never to be touched again. I get it... 


All it takes is a willingness to do the work and the support and expertise of a makeup artist who can meet you where you are on your journey with you. That’s where my team and I come in! 


The first step is to identify where you’re struggling and your biggest roadblocks to success. We’ll discuss these in-depth during your lesson and offer suggestions to help you overcome them. 


To meet clients where they’re at, we offer various support options, including 1:1 lessons (in-person and virtual), group lessons, the Master Your Makeup Routine program and our Makeup Shop & Learn program. Here at Makeup by Chelsea & Co I offer a very tailored approach and depending on the support you need, I'll suggest one or more of these options. Ready to apply your makeup like a pro?

Delivery Options

All makeup lessons at Makeup by Chelsea & Co are offered both in-person and virtually over Google Meets. In-person lessons are offered 1-on-1 or in a group lesson setting in Edmonton, Alberta. Virtual makeup lessons are only available 1-on-1. 

1:1 makeup lessons in Edmonton, Alberta


Virtual and in-person makeup lessons in Edmonton, Alberta by Makeup By Chelsea


Other Options

Love Notes

When I decided to surprise my 22 year old daughter with a mother/daughter make up lesson, had no idea who to contact. I googled the service and discovered Makeup by Chelsea. I was immediately impressed with her beautiful website. The online inquiry process was very simple and I received a response very quickly. Chelsea met us at my daughters place, in a snowstorm I might add, but she came with a smile and a huge suitcase full of surprises. We thoroughly enjoyed our session with Chelsea and are applying what we learned everyday!

I highly recommend Makeup by Chelsea whether it be for a special day or just for a fun thing to do! Oh and did I mention how affordable she was as well?!!
Makeup by Chelsea gets a 10/10 in my books!!


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