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What the heck is airbrush makeup?

I know you’ve probably heard of “airbrushed skin”  but what the heck does that mean? And now airbrushed makeup is all the rage for brides to have on their wedding day. And the biggest question: is airbrush makeup worth the extra money?

People often hear the phrase “airbrush” but don’t understand what the process looks like or what the results of it look like. Most times when I pull out my airbrush at an appointment with a bridal party, I often get swarmed with curious people asking “what is that?”

Airbrush makeup is makeup that is sprayed through an airbrush gun onto the face 6-8 inches away from the skin in small circular motions. What makes it so different is that the makeup is applied in light layers until the desired coverage is achieved. Both full coverage and light coverage are achievable with this method and with only one product.

Another interesting fact is that the formula of the makeup has to have molecules that are small enough to easily flow through the gun’s tip which is much smaller than a pen tip. 

The foundation we use for beauty and bridal applications is silicone based which adheres to the skin and sets in place. It is layerable both with itself and other makeup products. Silicone based products are sweat resistant and less likely to transfer than regular makeup. Oh! And did I mention that it feels weightless on the skin? Because of the way it is applied, it feels like air is being applied through the airbrush gun. Airbrush makeup is great for people who don't like the feeling of makeup on their face but still want some coverage.

Now onto the cons of airbrush makeup…

Like all makeup, airbrush makeup can adhere to dry and textured skin. That’s why starting skin prep months before your bridal makeup appointment (or any appointment really) is so important! The skin needs to be exfoliated and hydrated to the max prior to any makeup application. If you let your skin care regime slip and rely on only your artist’s skin prep work to get you flawless, you may be disappointed. Following your makeup artist’s prep instructions to the ‘T’ will help you to get that IRL filter look and with airbrush, it can be done!

Majority of makeup artists do not offer airbrush makeup. It requires specialized equipment and specialized training in order to utilize it properly. Training is an extensive process and requires extensive practicing to get good results. The equipment can range anywhere from $400-$800 just for the airbrush itself. The airbrush makeup is also more expensive than regular makeup because of its purpose.





-sweat resistant

-IRL filter look (with proper skin prep)

-customizable coverage

-weightless feel

-very cool application process


-requires an artist that specializes in it (we do!)

-only about 25% of artists offer airbrush makeup

-is an additional charge

-can stick to dry and textured skin if not properly prepped ahead of time (like all makeup)



Airbrush has some great benefits other foundations don’t and is just a really cool application process. If you are looking for a beauty team that offers airbrush makeup in Edmonton, look no further! We got you covered!

items from kit laid out on table. In it an airbrush, eyeshadow palette, and hair accessory.
makeup kit with airbrush


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